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    1. 鹵肉加工生產線 Sauce and brine processing production line


      Sauce and brine processing production line


      With the urbanization of the society, the development of industrialization, and the accelerated pace of life, the sauce-boiled products have become the

      "second kitchen"for people as a fast-moving consumer goods for standardized production. At present, the concentration of halogenated food processing industry and the level of technical equipment are relatively low.

      Basically, the sandwich pan cooking equipment is used. The product quality is unstable, the energy consumption is high, and the waste is large. It is difficult to achieve automation and labor intensive. This excellent intelligent halogen cooking system was borm in the market.



      Intelligent halogen cooking system

       The hanging basket type halogen cooking design greatly reduces the labor intensity and operating comfort of the operating staff. In combination with the advanced quantitative halogenation concept, the automation and standardization of complete sets of equipment are realized under the premise of ensuring the quality, aroma and color of the braised meat, and the automatic operation of the raw materials such as metering, product feeding, halogenating and product discharging is realized.



      Intelligent braised meat cooling system 

      The brine is cooled, the cooking is finished, the hot halogen is transferred to the next tank, and the pre-made ice brine is used to cool the braised meat, which not only increases the cooling rate, but also improves the production efficiency, and the meat is cooled in the marinated soup, not only the heat utilization. The rate is high, the conduction is fast, and the surface of the meat remains intact, the product is good, and the yield is high.



      If you have any questions or inquiries about food processing, food technology and food equipment, please contact us.

      咨詢專線 Special line for consultation:13918792095 

      本優總機 Beyond switchboard:021-57172333

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